Hello my (kinky) people !

Welcome to our blog, we’re so glad you found us! We’d love to hear how you discovered us, so please feel free to let us know through a message. You will probably wonder who “we” are; well, he’s Barrie and she’s Shady. These are of course not our real names, but they are the names we use for our kinky adventures. Unfortunately, not everything we do is “normal” within society, which makes it necessary to have pseudonyms. He is 30 and she is 28. Two adventurous people who like to have new experiences. We live in Belgium and the Netherlands so most of our adventures take place in these two countries, or in Europe. Some of the places and events we have been to so far are different BDSM events like for example a bondage workshop and a Sanctuary Play Night in Antwerp. We have also been to the nudist beach Cap d’Agde, various erotic fairs, strip clubs and “red light districts”. This blog exists mainly to share our adventures with people who are also interested in these activities. But we also like to read private messages and the comments under our blog articles. So don’t hesitate if you’ve already thought about doing so! Furthermore, we wish you a lot of reading pleasure and hope you enjoy these adventures as much as we do.

Naughty spankies from Bari & Shady

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